arte & pace

Welcome to arte & pace
Peace by art and creativity

The idea

arte & pace (art and peace) was born in 2019, when we opened our venue in tuscany with the idea of peace by art.

What exactly is this idea?

Art ist the heart that connects us with each other, that inspires us and fills things with a soul. Peace is life as such and the condition in which dreams and visions are born in harmony with the universe. Peace by art is meant to be a mojo and collaborative process in which the coming and creative forces may be experienced and celebrated together.


The process

How does this process develop? Everyone who shares the longing for art and peace, people of different origin, color and generations are invited to share art and peace by leading workshops or courses, showing exhibitions and the like.

Here you are free to use space, at a magicical place, in a magical landscape, in an old barn made of quarry stone. Far off of hustle and bustle and the profit-oriented world you can be creative.


Our offer

Our offer: 240 m2, including 120 m2 creative space, 10 beds, 3 bathrooms, 2 kitchens,
near to a lake and to the sea.

Drop us a message

We, that is Heidi – peace-promoter, Ervin – painter and architect. Cristina will take care of the communication and the welcoming of our guests and together with Heidi she will the organize the events.
For further information please contact:

Pian del Melo 23
I-58023 Gavorrano

Cristina: +39(0)338 2249531
Heidi: +49(0)1578 6252463